Rittma, why and what purpose?

Rittma's DNA and leitmotiv.

2 min reading | 21 October 2021

Meet Rittma.

I've always looked for the secret of good management, something that would explain why an organization succeeds or fails, excluding decisive external factors. It is often said that leadership and human resources are key factors in the success of an organization. However, this conclusion does not serve as a working instrument, that is, it does not serve as a management tool or practice that can be applied as a diagnosis and a working methodology to achieve success.

So I looked for something more instrumental, I tried to translate the secret of good management into a simple, atomic, easily perceived concept, something that could be used simultaneously as a diagnostic tool and as a management instrument at the service of leaders and organizations. Years of work, countless experiences, analyses and reflections, led me to the conclusion that this simple and atomic concept can be summarized in one word: rhythm.

Once the Managing by Rhythm methodology was developed, the time has come to put it to the service of leaders, for the benefit of people, organizations and territories, launching Rittma, a unique consulting firm.

Through Managing by Rhythm and other innovative techniques we will combine leadership, human resources and technological resources, the right ingredients to ensure an effective, timely and impactful execution of organizations' strategies and visions.

Rittma's leitmotiv is thus rhythm itself. Rhythm, a powerful concept that forms Rittma's DNA and that we will put at the service of organizations, public or private. We will work directly with the organizations' leaders, their maestros, to make them better, generate better results and more positive externalities.

Rittma's mission is simple: help leaders make a positive impact. What's your rhythm?

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